Dear American Voter…

In 11 months you will be picking another President. That said, these are some facts that might be helpful so that you can make a wiser more informed vote.

Economics are very important. So listen up!
When I attended Missouri Western State College some 20 odd years ago, I had no opportunity to take an Econ 101 course. It wasn’t offered when I needed it. However, I did have an alternative, Econ 360. The math was a little hard but, the the theory was very easy to understand. BTW, it was Austrian NOT Keynesian economics! Anyway, I did absolutely fine in it.

However, there were kids 10 years my junior, fresh out of highschool, who were lost in it! That fact floored me! Half, or more, of the class could get through the math swimmingly but, they couldn’t hardly apply the theory to reality. It’s no wonder that our economy is in state that it is!
Here’s the thing. The natural state of mankind is poverty. It will always exist because scarcity is real and immutable. There is a solution for those who are willing & able. It is WORK! Hard work is required to obtain & maintain wealth. This is a basic freedom for which our forefathers fought and died. No amount of a government’s centralized planning will create wealth! It can only transfer it from one person to another through overreaching taxation and the intrusive burden of regulation. It doesn’t work!

So, each time I hear politicians and other progressives talk of job creation I always think that they will only chase more wealth away from our economy and they do. At this occurrence I like to ask one pertinent question. How exactly does a national government create jobs? Answers usually amount to platitudes about how the infrastructure, schools, roads, and bridges will be repaired, built, or maintained. Yada, yada, yada! 4-6 years down the road they will be still hobbling along on those same crutches. I’m not leaving out the state governments either…same-same! Utopian warm & fuzzy rhetorical devices applied to fascist political maneuverings is all that this is!
Sorry about the rant!


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