Syria war plan advances in Senate, pushes Obama to help rebels – Washington Times

Hey Kids, I have just a couple of real quick questions. While we are doing audibles in the clear, aren’t they moving all their chemicals to another location?
    If we are now in the business of punishing human rights violators, whom do we attack next, China, North Korea, or Egypt? Dictators, Kings, & other less obvious national “leaders” usually have long lists of these would-be abuses! It is much more than unwieldy! We cannot afford to police the world anymore! We are 17 + trillion dollars in debt yet, we are joining another war.
    We have no roach in this race! Anyone else have issues with this idea? What of the new terror cells this will spawn? We are overextended & we will not win. It is Vietnam 4.0. Tell me how I am wrong!

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